Personal Development

Personal Development

When working in the Volvo Group you develop – at all stages of your career. You develop through your job and the international network that you acquire in your day-to-day activities. And of course through training, which is both job and skill specific but that also stimulates broader personal growth.

Personal and professional growth
We state in our learning strategy that development is 70% based upon on the job training, 20% based on networking and 10% based on training programmes and further education. With this in mind, our jobs and positions offer a wide variety of challenges that will help you as an employee to grow personally and professionally. 

Enriching international experiences
Living and working in other countries offers a rewarding experience that can’t be matched by any formal training programs.

We have a well-developed system for managing international assignments – both short and long-term – designed to make the transition between countries a productive and enriching experience for you, your family and the Volvo Group. We are committed to using internal mobility as a way to develop employees and build a stronger organization, making the best use of the skills and knowledge of our global talent pool. 

In short: If you are open and enthusiastic about moving between roles, functions and businesses in the Volvo Group – we will learn and develop together.