An affordable telematics system

The Volvo Technology Award 2003 was presented to the group at Volvo Trucks North America and Volvo IT that developed the Volvo Link telematics system.

Volvo Link combines satellite technology with the Internet for functions including navigation, traffic information, emergency assistance and two-way communications between trucks and their home bases, regardless of where a vehicle is situated in the world.

A limited investment
At the time, Volvo Link was both cheaper to use and less expensive to purchase than mobile phone systems.

Volvo Link was the first truly commercial telematics system from which even small and medium-sized trucking companies could derive substantial financial benefit.

Volvo Technology Award 2003

Award winners at Volvo Trucks North America and Volvo IT: 

  • John Bate
  • Michael Blackard
  • Tommy Gustavsson
  • Brian Kidd
  • Shawn Meredith
  • Torbjörn Thungren
  • David Crocker
  • Sherry Norris
  • Christie Ross
  • Robert Wittner