A future-proof engine platform

The new family of diesel engines introduced mainly between 2005 and 2007 proved that our engineers had solved the equation of higher performance, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

For their contribution to realizing the new engine concept, a team of four project managers received the Volvo Technology Award 2007.

Compliance with future legislation
The diesel units were designed not only to comply with the current emission levels for different markets and applications. They were also designed with further development in mind, to ensure compliance with all coming emission standards, up to 2014 at least.

Maximizing synergies
A common architecture, shared technologies and a high degree of flexibility in application were key concepts in the development of the new engine family.

Volvo Technology Award 2007

Award winners:

  • Patrick Odelberg
  • Philippe Gaillard
  • Douglas Nakano
  • Chris Smith