Fundraising for the kids

Around the world, society’s most vulnerable group – children – face many forms of abuse, exploitation and violence at the hands of adults. The French association Enfance et Partage (Childhood and Sharing) fights against this mistreatment and has for more than 30 years been working to promote children’s rights. 

Employees at Volvo IT in France decided to support the charity in its efforts and collected money through a range of activities. They sold homemade bread, organized computer game competitions during lunch breaks, and organized sports competitions among workers – such as walking and jogging. At the end of their fundraising efforts the employees were able to hand over a cheque for more than €10,000 to Enfance et Partage.

Childhood and Sharing: employee action supports children’s rights
“This campaign was really successful – partly because we raised so much money and partly because we have increased the employees’ involvement and commitment,” says Céline Greuzard, head of communication and culture at Volvo IT in France.