Cousteau’s spirit lives on

The French underwater photographer and ecologist Jacques Cousteau did more than any other person to increase knowledge and awareness of world’s oceans and the environmental challenges they face. On his ship, the Calypso, he explored the oceans and many of the world’s major river systems during expeditions which often became the subject of films or TV series.

The Calypso sank following an accident in Singapore harbour in 1996, and Cousteau died the following year. Since last year, the Calypso has been undergoing restoration at the Piriou Shipyard in Brittany, as part of the Cousteau Society’s plans to use the vessel to continue spreading knowledge about the world’s oceans and the environment in the spirit of Cousteau.

The target is to make the former minesweeper as environmentally sound as possible. The Calypso will be powered by two engines, supplied by Volvo Penta.

Calypso: underwater pioneer’s famous ship gets a new lease of life
At the beginning of next year, the iconic Calypso will be ready to take to the seas again and to continue the work of her famous former captain.

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