image text: Social responsibilities

Global reach - local presence

With more than 100, 000 employees and business all over the world, our operations are part of everyday life of numerous people worldwide. As a global company we focus on our responsibility as an employer, responsible sourcing practices and building relations with stakeholders.

Promoting diversity
We strive to promote a diverse workforce. No form of discrimination is tolerated. We actively work to recruit and retain a broad spectrum of employees with different backgrounds, experience and perspectives.

Competence development
Securing and enhancing competences is crucial to being competitive and profitable. A Human Resources function works at Group level to secure and develop our employees, our culture and the organization.

Creating shared value
The prosperity of society and our business success are closely connected, therefore the Volvo Group strives to continuously contribute to the communities where we live and operate in order to move society and our business forward. Read more about our Moving Society Forward program.

A safe place to work
Health, workplace safety and employee wellbeing is a priority for Volvo Group.  We are committed to developing work places that increases productivity, reduce costs and contribute to an attractive workplace.

Freedom of association
Volvo Group recognizes everyone's right of freedom of association and collective bargaining. Cooperation with unions complies with national laws and regulations in each country.