Our history - 1989


  • Equipped with the powerful RM12, built by Volvo Flygmotor, the JAS39 Gripen, Sweden's new interceptor/strike/reconnaissance aircraft, took to the air for the first time.
  • The Uddevalla Plant was opened. Production at this plant was exclusively in the form of self-supervising groups in which many operators became "whole car builders". For financial reasons, this plant and the one in Kalmar were shut in 1993.
  • Pehr G Gyllenhammar's successor as President of AB Volvo, Christer Zetterberg, was welcomed to Volvo.
  • This year Volvo became the first Europen truck maker to market its products in Japan on a regular basis.
  • Volvo NL10 and NL12 trucks were introduced in 1989.
  • Volvo invested heavily in providing truck and bus owners with 24-hour service in all countries.
  • The rear-engined B10C bus was produced in Australia in a small number, foreshadowing the introduction of the series-built B12 and B10B a couple of years later.
  • Volvo employed an environmental auditor in 1989.