Valentina in Venezuela

1. How did you come to join the Volvo Group?
I was recruited by a head hunter. I was attracted to Mack de Venezuela since the beginning mainly due to the possibility of working with the industrial personnel and also by the fact of MDV being part of the Volvo Group.

2. Tell us about you current role and its main responsibilities.
Since 2006, I have been working in HR as Organization Development Coordinator. My main responsibilities include: recruitment, training & development and internal communications. I also provide active support to the VGAS and PBP processes.

3. Have you had other roles and assignments in the Group? What would you like to do in the future in the Group?
I have supported the competence development process that has been required in Mack de Venezuela through out the change in the recent business model. Going forward, I would like to continue developing my career within HR, firstly, because I love this area, and secondly, I love the Volvo Culture.

4. How would you describe the culture of Volvo Group? (i.e. what do you think is distinctive about how we do things in Volvo Group ?)
For me Volvo has a unique perspective: we believe in the person, and this is a new way to understand the worker. The certainty that your ideas will be listened to and if viable, might be put in place, is highly motivating and makes me feel valued as a professional.

5. Why do you think someone should consider working for a Volvo Group company?
There should be no doubt about it! If you want to grow as a professional and as a person as well, this is the right place! Its not rhetorical, this is totally true, we listen and capitalize all the ideas from all the persons. We understand the individual differences and work with them. In addition, the Volvo Group products are a contribution to society and its development in different economies around the world. Our products make the world grow!