Otmar in Germany

1. How did you come to join the Volvo Group?

At the age of 29 I decided to partake in further education to become an Industrial engineer and succeeded in 2000. To fully utilize my new qualification I then started so search for a new position that offered me a challenge. From another participant of the course who already worked for Volvo I received a job advertisement for the position I now occupy. He gave me more information about Volvo and the vacant position. I then became interested in Volvo and the position advertised.
In 2003 I then applied for the position of Technical trainer at Volvo and was invited to an interview and was successful and was then offered the position of Technical trainer.

2. Tell us about you current role and its main responsibilities.

The description of my current position is Technical trainer with world wide responsibility for the Compact Excavators. My main function is to carry out technical training and to compile training material and other necessary information for the Compact excavators. 

3. Have you had other roles and assignments in the Group? What would you like to do in the future in the Group?

No, at the moment I have no further duties but would like to progress. I would like to work in the technical area or in sales and have responsibility for other people also for example as a team leader.

4. How would you describe the culture of Volvo Group? ( i.e. what do you think is distinctive about how we do things in Volvo Group ?)

What I like at Volvo is that it is a multinational company where people from different countries and cultures work together. Also there is the possibility of career and personal advancement by taking part in training and advanced education. The company has the aim to be the best and that encourages the employees to be proud of the place in which they work and can identify them selves with the employer.

5. Why do you think someone should consider working for a Volvo Group company?

If you look at the general economic development one quickly notices that Volvo is a constantly growing company with a future. Not everybody can say the same about the company they work for.
Due to the internal job advertisements every employee has the chance of career opportunities within Volvo which again not everybody can say that about the company they work for. I consider that this possibility to change position within the same company offers a big benefit for career and financial advancement. Another reason that people could be interested by the Volvo group is that it is a family and socially orientated company. I think that everybody that is motivated, dedicated and able to work in a team would be interested to work for a company like Volvo.