Izabela in Poland

1. How did you come to join the Volvo Group?
I started in Volvo Business Services just after my graduation in 2005, working in the accounting department (purchase to pay process) during the first month, straight afterwards changing to the position of the Site Manager Assistant. What was my reason to join the Volvo Group …the passion for Volvo brand, especially car models. Since always I was fascinated with its beautiful design, smooth line and innovative shape. I knew that there is a big Volvo factory in Wroclaw (the city I have studied), so I decided to send them my application (with no specific position pointed out). And I got my chance. Already in the recruitment process I found out that Volvo Cars is no longer part of the Volvo Group. Was I disappointed …? No, because this, what I discovered within the company was so much better … and I still had a chance to have a ride by Volvo truck or excavator.

2. Tell us about you current role and its main responsibilities.
As an assistant I provide wide-ranging administrative support to the Site Manager, undertake and complete tasks of varying complexity, schedule corporate meetings and activities as well as domestic and international travels, hotel accommodations and other transportation. I manage the necessary supplies and equipment to ensure effective functioning of the office of the Site Manager. I am responsible for interacting with all levels of management of behalf of Site Manager, executing special project assignments, if required.

Apart of the assistant role, I am a member of VBS Global Communication Network, acting as a referral body considering communication issues, preparing materials for internal publishing, coordinating and supporting global function in the communication area in order to ensure the proper information flow between different target groups and adapt global communications to local sites.

3. Have you had other roles and assignments in the Group? What would you like to do in the future in the Group?
While being an assistant, I was for app. 2 years also creating and maintaining the database of business partners on behalf of VBS CE Customers via Parma system, creating a new PARMA numbers or correcting the existing ones. Furthermore, updating and maintaining partners' master data in SAP - changing payment terms and methods, putting on payment blocks, posting blocks, adding contact person information.

Essential for me is to continuously develop and improve my skills and to learn … I like to know more and also to get involved more and more in what I know. I am expecting that my future tasks will be as challenging and diverse to vent this ambition.

4. How would you describe the culture of Volvo Group? (i.e. what do you think is distinctive about how we do things in Volvo Group ?)
The culture of the Company reflects our values described in The Volvo Way, the Code of Conduct and in our corporate values. Now translating from the written words into day to day situations - it's the way we behave towards our colleagues, customers and competitors, it's the way we communicate and the way we work.

Volvo culture is the inclusive and respectful work environment created by its employees, team- working, diversity, individuals' motivation and involvement, focus on customer, positive interaction between people, enthusiasm.

5. Why do you think someone should consider working for a Volvo Group company?
Volvo broadens your mind… by giving you a chance to work in the international, diverse environment, creating an opportunity to incessantly develop your professional skills and knowledge… providing a collection of resources and tools available to support your career path, by ensuring the unrepeatable working atmosphere based on the open-dialog, kindliness and respect.

Izabela in Poland