Measures of success

How we measure success

To be successful in our aim for greater diversity, we need measurements and indicators. Through measurement, we can more clearly see the link between our actions and the impact on our business. By setting goals, the Volvo Group ensures that the development of diversity and inclusion is a priority at all levels.

Our divisions and units have the responsibility for meeting targets, and they receive support on a country-by-country level, as diversity has different facets in different locations. At all levels, we work to better integrate diversity and an inclusive mindset into our day-to-day culture.

Our tools
One of our measurement tools is the Volvo Group Attitude Survey. This is an annual survey where all employees have a chance to give input regarding their working climate and discuss improvements. Several questions refer directly to how we are working to promote diversity and an inclusive working environment.

We also follow the ratio of female/male employees, managers and key position holders, and we use custom designed indicators which calculate how good we are at creating an inclusive work environment and how balanced our management teams are, based on gender, age, nationality and background.