Health and wellbeing at Volvo Group

"Join Volvo for a healthier way of life!”

The challenging jobs that we can offer in a global, dynamic environment give you stimulating career opportunities with a huge span of opportunities for development. This diverse and complex workplace gives you the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life, with high skills levels and an amazing diversity of outlooks. All this helps lift and improve your health and wellbeing.

At Volvo our work climate is characterized by respect for the individual – your voice will always be heard. All of these things impact your health and wellbeing positively. Our shared goal is to help our employees become the healthiest employees.
We are committed to develop safe and health-promoting workplaces. And by joining the Volvo Group you will be given daily opportunities to make choices towards a healthier, more productive lifestyle. Choices driven by your own energy, passion and ambitions - but supported by the Volvo culture and long-standing health-promotion programs. We have high ambitions – that "The Volvo Group’s employees shall be among the healthiest employees in the world".

We aim to be an attractive and responsible employer of choice for both current and future employees.Read more about our goal in our sustainability report below (page 64).