Board of Directors, general

The Board of Directors is charged with the organization of the company and management of the company's operations. The Board shall also issue guidelines and instructions to the CEO. In addition, the Board shall ensure that the company's organization in respect of accounting, management of funds and the company's financial position in general includes satisfactory control.

The Board has adopted work procedures for its internal activities that contain rules pertaining to the number of Board meetings, matters to be handled at regular meetings of the Board and duties incumbent on the Chairman.

The Board has also issued written instructions specifying when and how information required to enable the Board to evaluate the company's and Group's financial position should be reported to the Board, as well as the distribution of duties between the Board and the CEO.

The duties of the Board are partly exercised through its Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee.

The external auditors report their findings to the full Board once a year.

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