Anders Nyrén

Member of the Remuneration Committee

Born 1954. Graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics, MBA at UCLA, Honorary Doctor of Economics.

President and Chief Executive Officer of AB Industrivärden.

Board Chairman:
Sandvik AB, Svenska Handelsbanken.

Board member:
AB Industrivärden, Ernström & Co AB, Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA, Stockholm School of Economics and SSE Association. Member of the Volvo Board since 2009, Vice Preses IVA.

Holdings in Volvo, own and related parties:
5,200 Series B shares.

Principal work experience: Has worked for AB Wilhelm Becker. He has held various positions within STC - Controller, Executive Vice President and CFO, and President of STC Venture AB; President of OM International AB; Executive Vice President and CFO at Securum; Director with executive responsibility for Markets and Corporate Finance at Nordbanken; Executive Vice President and CFO at Skanska.

Last updated February 18, 2015

Anders Nyrén
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