11/05/2010 - 11/05/2010

World Expo in Shanghai


People's Republic of China


AB Volvo

World Expo in Shanghai

The 2010 World Expo will be held in Shanghai

Alfa Laval, Atlas Copco, Sandvik, AB SKF, Trelleborg AB and AB Volvo will be meeting investors in Shanghai on 10-12 May 2010. The event will take place in connection with the World Expo being held there. This is a joint event arranged by the above companies, and will focus on their strategies in Asia and China.

Presentations from Volvo Group Investor Days in Shanghai, May 11, 2010

World Expo 2010

For further information please contact: 

Lena Olsson
Investor Relations, AB Volvo
phone: + 46 31 66 10 67
e-mail: lena.i.olsson@volvo.com

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