Refuse and snow

Without refuse collection, all the world’s cities would soon be inundated with rubbish and dirt. Top-class vehicles are needed to handle all these tonnes of refuse every day. The Volvo Group has several different kinds of trucks that are designed for refuse collection.

In the USA, Mack Trucks has almost half the market for refuse vehicles.

Volvo Trucks has recently started investing in building hybrid refuse trucks. Among other things, the company is running field tests in a number of places in Sweden and in London using the Volvo FE hybrid. At Renault Trucks, the Renault Premium has, for example, been adapted for refuse collection.

Snow clearance is also important if society is to function. The Group has several truck types that have been adapted for snow clearance. With its heavy-duty trucks, UD Trucks in Japan has 80 per cent of the market for snow clearance in Japan, for example.
Moving the world: refuse and snow
Volvo CE has specially built haulers that clear snow from the runway at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, for example.

Snow-clearing at Arlanda airport