Organized to drive synergies

An innovative force around the world - organized to drive synergies

The Volvo Group delivers cutting-edge technology, innovation, advanced engineering and economies of scale to ensure the competitiveness of the companies in the Volvo Group.

We are an engineering and technology company - with a twist, since our responsibilities reach far beyond the drawing board.  Research and development at the Volvo Group relies on the combined expertise from within our organization.

By coordinating R&D initiatives as well as general processes and tools across the company, substantial economies of scale are created.
About 60% of the Volvo Group R&D is performed in Sweden and the rest in different locations in Europe, US, Asia, South America.

We are future-oriented, and we work in a diverse environment, across geographical and organizational boundaries.  The Volvo Group’s various operations are organised to deliver the greatest possible focus on customers and their needs, and to exploit and harness the Group’s far-reaching and shared resources in the best possible way.