Transport and society

Transport & society

If transport is to continue to play a key role in the development of the world economy, the transport system has to be improved.

Running out of road - and fuel
Many transport routes on our planet have become congested with excessive traffic. Freight transport is forecast to rise by 50% between 2000 and 2020 in Europe. This means another 300,000 heavy long-haul commercial vehicles on the road. It is not likely that the road network will grow sufficiently to accommodate such an increase.

At the same time, fossil fuel resources are diminishing and it's a fact that supply of renewable fuels will always be limited.

More ton-kilometres per litre fuel
The Volvo Group contributes to solving these problems by introducing even more fuel-efficient technologies. But we also put extensive efforts into enabling an increase in the utilization of existing infrastructure, to improving logistics and increasing transport efficiency. This we do together with public authorities, universities, the transport industry and even with our competitors.

Safe and secure transport of tomorrow
Imagine: smart vehicles that communicate with each other and the infrastructure; secure transport for both driver and goods; vehicles that avoid accidents and shut down when stolen. They are all part of tomorrow's transport.