Creating value

Sustainable value creation

By creating value for our customers, we create value for our shareholders and for the societies in which we operate. Creating value for our customers today and tomorrow requires sustainable solutions.

Vehicles for growth and development
Volvo Group’s products and services contribute to the development and growth of societies across the world. In many ways, our products and services are the enablers of modern society. Trucks efficiently transport goods, buses are the most common type of public transportation and engines provide a secure electric supply to hospitals and airports. Most of our customers run commercial-related business. They have specific demands and expectations on our products and services. It is therefore important for the Volvo group to develop its products and services i close cooperation with customers, with the aim of improving our customers' profitability. We aim at providing the right products and services in order to achieve high productivity in the transport system.    

The role of business 
The role of business in society is changing. Today, the expectations on companies go beyond complying with laws and regulations, creating job opportunities and generating tax revenues while providing financial value to the shareholders. There is a growing expectation on companies to contribute to solving society's broader challenges. We believe Volvo Group is well positioned to create economic value that also creates value for the broader society by responding to its needs through our innovative product and service offering. 
A broader approach to creating value
The Volvo Group strives to create value for a wide group of stakeholders. A company's role in society is no longer viewed as merely providing financial value to the shareholders. Today, a company is largely judged b the value it brings to society. The Volvo Group creates value for the society by: 
  • Delivering products and services in the most efficient way based on our customers' expectations
  • Creating job opportunities for employees and for our business partners
  • Contribute to technological developments
  • Investments in e.g. new technology, infrastructure and employee competence
  • Spreading good practices in field of environmental care and social issues.
Responsibility and profitability
As a company, we need to ensure that our business is economically responsible and sound. Economic responsibility and profitability are prerequisites for sustaining our operations and the foundation on which all other responsibilities rest.

Our future business success
Volvo Group is committed to invest in and develop innovative solutions that will contribute to a sustainable development of the transport sector. Our capacity to meet customers’ and society’s growing demand for more efficient technologies, alternative fuel engines and smarter logistics will determine our future business success.