Environmental responsibility

Environmental care - a core value

The Volvo Group's vision is to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions. As one of the Volvo Group’s core values, environmental care is at the heart of our business. By continuously introducing safer and more efficient products and pioneering solutions, the Volvo Group reduces the environmental impact of the use of our products.

Improved energy-efficiency
We take the environmental impact at all stages of the product lifecycle into account – from the first sketches on the drawing board, throughout its service life until it is recycled. At the same time, energy-efficient products and solutions mean significant savings for our customers. We also strive to improve efficiency and minimize the negative impact from our own production. The long-term ambition for our production is to become carbon dioxide neutral.

Determined to be part of the solution
We are committed to significantly reducing our environmental impact, and to raising awareness about environmental issues among our stakeholders and society at large, especially those issues related to the transport industry. We develop products and services that help our customers and other stakeholders to minimize their environmental footprint.

Environmental care - a core value
"Environmental care" is one of the Volvo Group’s core values. In 1972, during the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, Sweden, we launched our first environmental position on mobility and the environment. Since then we have continuously communicated and trained employees and management on environmental responsibility issues. Today, environmental issues are an integral part of our vision, business strategy and daily work.
Improving environmental performance in production
In total, Volvo Group has 65 production facilities in 20 countries. Regardless of size and location, all of our production units must comply with our minimum requirements for environmental performance. Our long-term ambition is to make our plants carbon dioxide neutral.

Environmentally enhanced products
Approximatly 90 percent of the total environmental impact of Volvo Group’s trucks is generated during use, mainly through fuel consumption. Fuel consumption also represents a large cost for our customers.

We focus our product development on increased energy efficiency and engine and vehicle technology for renewable fuels. Lowering the operating costs makes business and environmental sense; it improves the profitability of our customers while reducing the environmental impact.

Attitudes and behavior are important factors for sustainable transports. We therefore offer services and solutions that help customers to use our products in the most efficient way.