There are many places world-wide where you can find historical products, documents and photographs from the Volvo Group.

Arvika museum
Arvikaverken has its roots in the smithy of Per Andersson. Ever since the start in 1885, it has been an exciting development.
The museum of Arvikaverken is located in one of West Sweden's oldest industrial buildings.

Here, many periods in the history of the company are on show: everything from ploughs and harvesters to tracked vehicles and wheel loaders. The museum also shows the development of the welding company ESAB which was also founded in Arvika.

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Mack museum
The Mack Trucks Historical Museum is the repository of historical documents and artifacts from Mack's long and storied history as the leading American truck manufacturer and world-renowned brand name.
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Berliet foundation
The descendants of the Lyon manufacturer Marius Berliet and Renault Véhicules Industriels created the Berliet Foundation in January 1982. One of the objectives was to safeguard and optimize the history of the truck, coach and bus for all French makes. The foundation dedicates a large part of its resources to the restoration of old equipment.
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Munktell museum
Welcome in and experience more than 170 years of Swedish industrial history!
Among the many remarkable exhibits at the Munktell Museum in Eskilstuna are the very first Swedish tractor – from 1913 – and the country’s first wheel loader, dating back to 1954.
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Volvo industrial museum
Volvo industrial museum in Skövde does not only show Volvo´s development, but also the industrialisation of Sweden from the middle of the 19th century until today.

It also shows the company's development from casting of simple kitchen equipment to the world class production that we have today.

In the museum can you see engines which has been manufactured in long production runs and prototypes but never been in production.

The museum also offers a small cinema where you can see a historical presentation of the company.

John G. Grönvalls plats 10
541 36 Skövde

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Communications department +46 500-475767

Volvo museum
Welcome to Volvo Museum where you can follow Volvo’s development from the very start in 1927 until today for Volvo's different lines of business: trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine, aero, cars - and other products.

But you don’t have to be a petrolhead (or a dieselhead for that matter) to appreciate Volvo Museum. There’s lots for everybody to experience – whether you want to learn about a unique piece of Swedish 20th century history or just want to be nostalgic about the good old times. And the youngest ones will enjoy the children´s car ­– a classic Volvo to play around in.
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