Our history - 1978


  • The Board of Volvo proposed a merger between Saab-Scania and Volvo. The new company would be called Volvo Saab-Scania AB, but the proposal was not approved.
  • The same occurred to the plans to make a deal with the Norwegian Government, which would have resulted in Volvo being reorganised to become a joint Swedish-Norwegian company called Volvo (Swedish-Norwegian) AB.
  • The Volvo F7 truck was introduced this year and became one of the most popular Volvo trucks ever.
  • Volvo's research engineers designed a new safety accessory, a special booster cushion for children. The cushion was a success not least because it was also cheap.
  • The Volvo BM range of wheel loaders was completed with the addition of the compact L4200.
  • The B10R replaced the B59 as an ergonomic city bus.
  • New truck plant opened in Tuve, Sweden and a bus plant in Borås, Sweden.