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Volvo Group Venture Capital has been an active investor since 1997. Over the years, we have made several hundred transactions and have gained invaluable experience and insight into the business of investing but even more importantly, we have learnt how to create lasting value.  As much as our success record builds on hard work, knowledge and a dash of luck , we are sure our passion for investing also makes the difference.  We simply love helping companies grow.

World leading industry insight

We draw on the unique capabilities and insight of the entire Volvo Group to evaluate and develop our investments. With us as a partner, you have access to the best there is.

Proven value creation philosophy

Repeated success in realizing value comes from great people, clear value creation strategies and excellent timing.  Our value creation model builds on active ownership and structured processes to manage strategy, business development, operational management, financing as well as legal aspects.

Be our partner

Each investment we make is followed by a growth plan where we combine the plans and strengths of Volvo Group with the plans and strengths of our new investment.

Global network

Our global network encompasses not only Volvo Group but also partners in various industries, universities, financial institutions and public authorities.

Professional and active owners

As investors, we are known for our integrity and dedication to the success of each investment we make.  You can always rely on us to take an active role in developing your business. 


Assessing an investment

When assessing an investment, we try to dig out the underlying potential of the company. We look not only at the company’s isolated potential but also at the potential we can unleash when combining the company with the capabilities of Volvo Group. 

At Volvo Group Venture Capital, we dedicate ourselves to the success of each investment we make.  We look for passionate management teams sharing a vision of how they can create lasting customer value.

Short term investments, ‘quick fixes’ or investments harmful to the environment are not in our scope.  In our experience, the best businesses have sustainability embedded in their business models.  We believe in true partnerships and see the due diligence process preceding any investment as a mutual evaluation activity. 

We only move ahead when we can make a difference for the company.