Meet the team

 anna westerberg           

Anna Westerberg: President
Anna is a business-oriented leader with a true passion for customer value creation. She has international management experience as well as extensive experience from management consulting for several global corporations and has been based in London and New York. Anna joined the Volvo Group in 2009. Email.  LinkedIn

 Charlotta Modig Charlotta Modig: Chief Financial Officer
CFO of Volvo Group Venture Capital since 2006. Prior to joining our team, she has held finance positions in various companies including the position as Head of Accounting & Financial Planning at Volvo Treasury. Email  LinkedIn
 fagerstål Stig Fagerståhl: Investment Director
Stig joined Volvo Group Venture Capital in 1997. He has a wealth of experience from the automotive industry ranging from production & production planning, economics, purchasing to management and strategy. Email  LinkedIn
David Hanngren David Hanngren: Investment Director
David has operational experience from working close to key customers and creating partnerships for development in a global business environment and experience from product development, product planning and sales and for Volvo Group prior to joining our team in 2016. Email LinkedIn
 landstrom Jonas Landström: Investment Director
Jonas has operational experience from a VC backed biotechnology company where he served as Vice President and CFO before joining Volvo Group Venture Capital in 2010. Email  LinkedIn
 wassen Per Wassén: Investment Director
Per has many years of experience within the automotive and venture capital industries. Some of his previous held positions have been VP Corporate Strategy & Business Development at AB Volvo, VP Industrial Operations at Human Care AB and VP Emerging Technologies. Email  LinkedIn
 Reka Réka Burgren: Investment Manager
Réka has extensive experience from financial analysis and operational experience from working with value based selling and strategy formulation for Volvo Group prior to joining our team in 2015. Email  LinkedIn