Our portfolio companies

Our current portfolio comprises of 16 companies and 3 funds. The companies are listed below. Click on the 'Read more' links below to find out more about the services and technologies they offer. Contact us for more information.

Cargomatic Inc

Cargomatic, Inc. operates an online platform that connects shippers with carriers real-time. It makes available pre-screened and qualified carriers for shippers, powering the world’s most innovative metropolitan trucking network. Read more.

ChromoGenics AB

ChromoGenic's foil based elechtrocromic technology can significantly reduce air conditioning energy cost by reducing solar heat gain through windows in building and transport vehicles. Read more.

Coherix Inc

Coherix develops and sells 3D machine vision measurement equipment focusing on the automotive and semiconductor industry. Read more.

CrossBorder Technologies AB

Crossborder develops and produces non-wooden pallets and sleeves. Read more.

Datachassi DC AB

Datachassi AB develops and produces theft-protection system based on radio technology and sensors which help safeguard transports from intrusion and theft. Read more.

Decisiv Inc

Decisiv provides a cloud-based service relationship management (SRM) software as a service (SaaS) for fleets to effectively manage and measure internal and external service and repair events to drive uptime and asset availability. Read more.

Lytx Inc

As experts in compliance and the science of safe and efficient driving, DriveCam reduces collision-related expenses, fuel costs and the risk of audits and lost business for hundreds of commercial fleets worldwide. Read more

Elforest AB

Elforest sells forwarders based on energy efficient electric-hybrid technology. Read more.

I-Tech AB

I-Tech has developed a marine biocide - Selektope® to be used in marine paint prohibiting growth on ship and boat hulls. The substance is effective against barnacles while having a minimal effect on the marine surrounding. Read more.

MagComp AB

MagComp manufactures and sells induction heat systems and inductors based on electromagnetic components through rotational casting. Read more.

Powercell Sweden AB

Powercell develops and provides the market with environmentally-friendly fuel cell system based on a patented reformer technology that provides electrical power (APU). Read more.

Ridepal Inc

RidePal provides managed commute-bus solutions for corporate employees.  RidePal's solution imposes minimal management overhead on companies, yet feels like an in-house solution to its riders, all for a fraction of the cost of driving or of operating an entire fleet of buses. RidePal was founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco, Ca. Read more.

SDCmaterials Inc

SDCmaterials markets and sells nanomaterial for emission catalyst for the automotive and chemical industries. Read more

Steelwrist AB

Steelwrist develops, manufactures and sell tiltrotators, quick couplers, accessories and tools for excavators and backhoe loaders. Read more.

Vinngroup AB

Vinngroup provides specialist consultants within Management consulting, R&D and IT & Communication to industrial companies within Scandinavia. The business model is to attract the best consultants in the business. Read more.

Volvo Merchandise

Volvo Merchandise  offers premium products with an exiting, functional design based on Volvo core values, including perceived excellence in service and support. Webshop.