Volvo Group safety


Safety is part of our soul
Safety has been our guiding star since 1927. The Volvo founders stated that “Safety is and must be the basic principle in all design work”.

Our vision: Zero accidents
We have worked diligently for more than 85 years to develop increasingly better protection for people in the case of an accident. Our Accident Research Teams have given us good insight into the causes of accidents and injuries — and what can be done to prevent them. Our products are built to minimize the consequences of accidents.

In recent years we have also launched intelligent safety systems with the potential to prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

Our ultimate goal is zero accidents with Volvo Group products. This vision of zero accidents guides our product development. We are committed to work hard to prevent accidents, but we are also aware of the fact that most accidents involve factors that are out of our control. Therefore, the Volvo Group cooperates with users, authorities, scientists and other actors in society who want to create a safer world.

Safety innovations
A series of pioneering safety innovations has made Volvo a world leader in automotive safety over the years. It is our firm ambition to maintain this position.

The Volvo FH series
The world’s safest truck.
The new cab is Volvo’s strongest so far. And the world’s toughest crash tests show that drivers have a good chance of survival in an 50 mph crash with a stationary object. Read all about the Volvo FH safety