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Information and FAQ


Whenever there is a reference to a standard, the standard is valid. Some of our standards have been labelled "Not for new design", but also these standards are valid if referred to. The text "Not for new design" is an indication primarily for our design-engineering departments, stating that the standard is not intended for new designs.

Most of our more recent drawings always contain a reference to a standard named "Symbols, designations and general drawing methods". This standard, STD 101-0005, establishes some general rules and gives reference to the valid standards for most of the symbols on our drawings.

In case of doubt or if there are any queries with regard to the validity of our standards, please contact the responsible purchasing department, or send an e-mail to Corporate Standards.


Policy for suppliers referring to Volvo Group* or Volvo Cars standards in their own documentation

Volvo Group* and Volvo Cars standards are the property of the respective company and may only be used by non-Volvo Group and non-Volvo Cars personnel and companies when the standards are called upon or referred to, directly or indirectly, in contractual documents relating to the Volvo Group or Volvo Cars.

This means that they may be used when the Volvo Group or Volvo Cars utilized the primarily contracted company as a supplier of development services, supplier of production parts, or supplier of tools, equipment, etc, to manufacturing plants.

This applies also tier 1+ n suppliers, i.e. if a tier-1 supplier has a contract with the Volvo Group or Volvo Cars, a tier-2 supplier may also use the standards.

For more information, contact Volvo Corporate Standards at

* including the brands Volvo, Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks and Nissan Diesel .

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I find a technical requirement (TR)?

Answer: Technical requirements (TRs) are not available from our homepage. They have to be ordered from the purchasing organization of the Volvo company with which your company is dealing.

Where can I find ISO standards, IEC standards, DIN standards, EN standards, etc?

Answer: Volvo Corporate Standards cannot distribute national or international standards to suppliers and other external parties. If such standards are required, contact your national standards body or another company selling external standards, e.g. IHS.

Is there a subject-based index of all standards?

Answer: There is no index of the contents of all our standards available on-line. The documents to be used by the supplier are normally indicated on the drawing or in other documentation from Volvo's purchasing department, e.g. in the PQP manuals.

Why are there both STD and VCS standards?

Answer: Since Ford's takeover of Volvo Cars, a new type of standards document has been introduced, that is, VCS standards. VCS standards are to be used in Volvo Cars' projects and usually, they have a corresponding Volvo standard with the STD prefix to be used for Volvo Group projects (excluding Volvo Cars). However, standards with the STD prefix shall be used also within Volvo Cars if they are referred to on drawings or other purchasing documents.

STD = Volvo Group Standard. VCS = Volvo Car Standard, to be used for Volvo Cars projects only.


What does "Not for new design" mean?

Answer: See more information above under ".

Why can't I find the drawing I am looking for?

Answer: Corporate Standards' homepage contains drawings of standard parts only. The drawing numbers begin with 105, followed by additional four digits. If the drawing you require is not available although it begins with 105, the drawing may be a supplier drawing, which is intended for internal use within Volvo or for the supplier concerned only. These drawings are not available on the Internet.

Where can I find the KEP standards for suppliers?

Answer: The KEP* (key elements procedures) documents can be found at:

*Key Elements procedures are today replacing the PQPs (Purchasing Quality Procedures)

Why can't I find any standards when searching by material number?

Answer: To access an on-line standard, you need to know its STD number. This is different from the material number. Usually, also the standard number can be found in the materials indication. If this is not the case, please contact the purchasing department of the Volvo company with which you are dealing. 

Volvo uses a lot of abbreviations, acronyms and other terms in their documentation. Is there a list of these?

Answer: Within the Volvo intranet, there are various databases containing this information. A lot of this terminology is also found in standard STD 001-0001 (For Volvo Cars, VCS 5001,119).


Why do I have problems viewing PDF-attachments inside a PDF-file?

Answer: To be able to display PDF attachments inside a PDF file correctly, your Acrobat Reader has to be set to allow PDF files to be opened from the web inside your browser window. To set browser and Internet preferences in Acrobat: Choose Edit/Preferences/Internet and click the check box "Display PDF in browser".

If you have any other questions, please send these to Corporate Standards and we will reply via email. Answers to the most frequently asked questions will be posted on this page.