Strategic Priorities

By understanding our customers’ priorities and challenges, we are able to provide products and services that grow customers’ revenues and decrease customers’ costs. In other words – creating value for our customers by supporting their profitability. This is the foundation of our strategy.

Creating value by supporting customer profitability

The order in which the priorities are presented does not reflect relative importance.

1Transform the Volvo Group to become a leading end-to-end integrator as well as offering easy to integrate products and services through strong brands.
2Grow the service business and target selected industry verticals offering a portfolio of tailor-made solutions.
3Secure a desirable sustainable product and service portfolio with the right quality, leveraging new and well-known technologies, CAST, partnerships and digital innovation - accelerating electromobility solutions.
4Grow in Asia and the US: In Asia through JVs, alliances and by strengthening the Volvo Group footprint in China. In the US by significantly improving the Group’s market position.
5Develop robust profitability throughout the decentralized regional value chains by leveraging global scale, digitalization, a purpose-fit footprint and continuous improvement using Volvo Production System.
6Selectively capture, accelerate and scale-up new businesses and develop competencies and capabilities needed.   
7Reinforce value-based leadership and ways of working where all colleagues are empowered to take action and are accountable for the results.