Customs Master Data Specialist

Mission/purpose of the Job

Secure that customs and/or export control classification & origin information, proofs and calculations used by Volvo are compliant and consistent. Improve data quality. Measure and audit internal operations end-to-end and relevant brokers’ performance regarding Master Data. Address deviations, initiate development if needed.

Key responsibilities/Accountabilities
  • Ensure that Classifications & Origin solicitations are done, compliantly & consistently, according to defined processes and in time as needed by operational or other function.
  • Maintain and review Classification Database.
  • Support Regional Customs and Trade to manage, develop and improve master data (HS Codes, Origin, and Export control) and related areas
  • Work closely with other departments and brokers to ensure compliance to customs Master Data regulations.
  • Identify Compliance Risks & Optimization opportunities within responsibility area
  • Secure an adequate level of Master Data Quality & Compliance Control by performing
    • Measures and analyzes on completion levels/ quality of Master Data.
    • Internal control regarding Master Data E2E. Secure Origin and preferential handling and status in supply chain.
    • Customs Broker Management.
    • Preparation and support of specific tasks for MD broker like the cleansing of Non active parts
    • MD support to external Customs clearance brokers in daily operations
    • Investigate and address Root Causes to Deviations and Escalations e.g. missing part
  • master info, part not in requests, HS deviations, after reminders in solicitation process etc
  • Lead /define and follow-up corrections and activities to address compliance deviations found.
  • Request for Additional codes and requirements linked to HS code needed for customs clearance and licenses, e g dual use codes
  • Assist in resolving issues in relation to customs tariff classification, and other import and export issues on a daily basis
  • Assist in reviewing import/export/customs related processes and support compliance enhancement/implementation programs
  • Provide support in dealing with Customs audit and investigation.
  • Day to day update the policies issued by Customs, MOFCOM and other government authorities and report to manager
  • Analyze classification change opportunities; Decide when Binding Tariff Information is beneficial and secure usage locally and regionally.
  • Analyze Duty optimization/ FTA analysis in depth and propose activities
  • Update solicitation documents when needed, acc to Volvo org structure and FTA requirements
  • Cooperate closely with Customs Developers, Customs Compliance Managers and Export Control Managers to identify needs and opportunities to develop or implement the Master Data processes within China and APAC region.
  • Implement processes and necessary routines within responsibility area according to road-map.
  • Propose improvements & contribute to strategic program (ideas & work)
  • Support and education within the Master Data area e.g. support for solicitation at Internal suppliers, and Customs Classification support
  • Questions connected to Export control (US content)
  • Know the rules - Keep updated on relevant regulations within Customs Master Data responsibility area.
  • Actively support overall company programs and policies related to Customs Compliance & Export Control.

Other Role C4V (Customs for Volvo Program) key user: support, training, development, CR specifications, implementation
  • System tests (new releases) with assistance of broker
  • Information and support to Logistics Projects Development
  • User guides and instructions up-to date
  • Update supplier information in relevant Master Data systems
  • Creating and signing Volvo certificates (as applicable according to local organization)

Essential educational and/or training qualifications and certificates
  • Degree in Logistics, International Business or Customs.
  • Formal training in the area and/or 3-5 years’ experience related to Customs Master Data
  • License of customs declarer certificate
  • Certification of HS code classification (Mechanical and Electric)

Preferred experience and knowledge

Required knowledge-level for the position
  • Good communication skills
  • Solid analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Structured work approach
  • Self-motivated, take initiatives to change process and procedures
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently without direct supervision.
  • Skills in building strong networks/relationships with other departments.
Necessary technical/functional/language skills
  • Strong knowledge and experiences in Customs Tariff Classification/ Export Control processes and regimes
  • Operation experience in Free Trade Zone/Bonded Warehouse
  • Demonstrated understanding of PRC Customs laws and regulations
  • Understanding of the Volvo Group Businesses
  • Good presentation skills. Excellent problem-solving, negotiation, writing, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work and self-learning independently in Customs area which always change quickly
  • As all documentation is in English, proficiency in the English language is required.

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