Volvo Ocean Race 1998-2018

Volvo Ocean Race has been the longest professional sporting event in the world. Sailing’s toughest around-the-world yacht race and the ultimate test of a team in professional sport was held every three years. Each edition of the race lasted close to nine months and teams faced extremes of temperatures ranging from -15 in the Southern Ocean to 45 degrees at the equator.

Volvo Group and Volvo Car Group jointly owned the Volvo Ocean Race for 20 years. The two companies actively developed the race, leading to record levels of race village visitors, and online and television coverage, benefitting the companies and partners. The Volvo Ocean Race was a great vehicle for building customer relationships, strengthening the Volvo brand and presenting our company and our products to a global audience. Enjoy this video story of Volvo Group meeting thousands of customers on a vibrant sponsor platform.

After twenty years it was time to let a new owner take this prestigious competition to the next level. In 2018 the race was transferred to Atlant Ocean Racing Spain S.L. Volvo Group continues with other activities and on other platforms to strengthen the Volvo brand and build strong relationships with customers and society.

Ocean Summit

Ocean Summit

Volvo Ocean Race’s global platform presented a unique opportunity – and a clear responsibility – to join the race against plastic pollution. Therefore, during the final edition of Volvo Ocean Race in 2017-18, a series of seven Ocean Summits were held. The Ocean Summits addressed ocean health issues, with a specific focus on plastic pollution and brought together sport, science, government, NGO’s and the private sector. Designed to generate discussion and create local relevance, a call-to-action was sent out, asking for commitment from government and industry to ensure clean seas for the future.

Watch the highlights and the full webcast of the event held at the Volvo Ocean Race Village in Gothenburg, Sweden on 18 June 2018 here.


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Bringing world attention to the crisis of plastic pollution

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