Volvo Group Connected Solutions

Volvo Group Connected Solutions is a global organization that leads the development of the Volvo Group’s connected services and solutions.

The organization is set-up to deliver competitive offerings and shorten time to market for new services and solutions and to provide an arena for new service innovation together with customers, partners and the Volvo Group. Volvo Group Venture Capital is part of the organization that consists of approximately 700 employees and consultants

Employees at Volvo Group Connected Solutions

Meet Shanmugapriya Viswanathan, IT developer

When Priya moved from India to Sweden, her aim was to work for the Volvo Group. She wanted to grow as a professional in a multicultural environment while working at the forefront of technology development. At Volvo Group Connected Solutions she ...

Meet Johann Nishant, IT Architect

Passionate about science, technology and automotive, Johann is something of a geek. As an IT architect at Volvo Group Connected Solutions, he’s found a way to combine his interests with work.


Meet Adam, Lead Data Scientist

Adam has a strong interest in AI and experience of advanced analysis. With a PhD in plasma physics from Chalmers University of Technology to boot, he had no lack of job offers. He hasn't regretted his choice for a moment. "I'm glad I chose ...

Meet Jenny Elfsberg

In Silicon Valley, it’s all about speed, transparency and co-creation. When the Innovation Lab at Volvo Group Connected Solutions was looking for someone to head up its new office in California, Jenny Elfsberg was an obvious candidate. In her job ...

Meet Florian Kostanty

Florian can see himself getting a lot of opportunities to grow and develop in a big company like Volvo. Listen to his story.


Meet Karin Nordling

Karin Nordling works with a software platform that develop services for all the connected vehicles for the Volvo Group. Listen to her story.


Move the world around us

Jobs at Volvo Group Connected Solutions

Imagine yourself working with some of the sharpest and most creative brains in the transport and infrastructure industry, developing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable transport solutions that will change the future of society.



Mr. Patent reaches 100

The Volvo Group’s most-patented employee of all time has reached a milestone that few other inventors can even dream of. Anders Eriksson, a Product Manager at Group Trucks Technology, – fondly known as “Mr. Patent” – now has an impressive 100 ...

Stena gives Volvo bus batteries a second life

The commercial service lives of bus batteries are significantly extended and natural resources are conserved. That is the result of a new cooperation between Volvo Buses and Stena Recycling subsidiary Batteryloop. After the batteries are removed ...

"Working with Volvo Group has been a fantastic experience"

From VR headsets to autonomous cars, Univrses journey has been a winding path. Now, with a renewed focus, the Company has developed its first products for autonomous vehicles. Going forward, their application of computer vision is poised to ...

Zone Management / Geofencing

Transforming the cities

Zone Management / Geofencing

Read about how it works

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Volvo Group Venture Capital

Volvo Group Venture Capital

Volvo Group Venture Capital is Volvo Group’s investment company. We facilitate partnerships not only across industries but also with new entrants who are, or have the potential, to become key partners in driving service orientation and product differentiation. 

Volvo Group Venture Capital
Innovation Labs

Innovation Lab at Volvo Group Connected Solutions

We are in the beginning of a paradigm shift for transport which will reshape the cities and societies we live in. We are looking at three strong trends: Automated driving, electrification and connectivity. Each one of these technology areas has the potential to impact mobility of goods and people and when they converge they will radically transform transport.

Innovation Lab at Volvo Group Connected Solutions