Safety Through Awareness and Driver Training

Driving behavior and the human factor is one of the most important aspects of traffic safety. With the fast pace of today’s traffic, it is vital that as many people as possible are aware of the risks in order to avoid accidents. Volvo Group runs traffic and site safety programs for drivers, operators and the public all over the world.

In many countries, the transport and construction industries face a shortage of people with the right competencies. We offer our customers in emerging and established markets worldwide a variety of professional training programs, focusing on vocational training for technicians, mechanics, drivers, operators and factory workers that equips them with the right skills for roles in the transport and construction industries. Our vocational training programs facilitate employment opportunities within the local community, while securing the long-term development of our business.

Volvo Group training drivers in Africa

Lessons in Safety

Three initiatives aiming to bring the road toll down in South Africa.

1. Stop Look Wave

In 2018, the Stop, Look Wave safety awareness campaign reached over 11,400 South African children. The program has been embraced by people throughout the organization who have dedicated time to visiting schools and educating students on how to be safer around traffic. The ambition is to continue to expand the program in South Africa, as well as into other African countries. 

2. Heavy Duty Driving School for Women

A critical shortage of skilled commercial drivers is believed to be one of the contributing factors to South Africa’s high accident rate. By training more women to be truck drivers – who are severely underrepresented in the industry – it is hoped that the Heavy Duty Driving School for Women will help increase the pool of skilled drivers in the country. This will not only help address the driver shortage but hopefully improve road safety as well. 

3. Volvo Group Driver Learnership

Another attempt to improve the availability of skilled drivers is the Volvo Group Driver Learnership program, which aims to help unemployed truck drivers in South Africa to re-enter the industry the same time as it improves the ability of skilled drivers. The first intake started the 12-month program in July 2018 and graduated in mid-2019.

Two decades of training drivers

Two Decades of Training Drivers

Over 20 years ago, the Volvo Group opened India’s first driver training center for commercial vehicles in Hosakote, Bangalore. The Volvo Group saw the need for driver training at an early stage in India and the training has been key to equipping drivers with the know-how to operate premium trucks and buses safely and cost-efficiently. To date, more than 100,000 drivers have been trained at the center, making it a key part of the Volvo Group’s commitment to competence development.

Around 2,500 drivers of Volvo- and UD branded trucks and buses undertake introduction and safety training at the Driver Training Center in Hosakote every year. It offers complete training facilities for both classroom and hands-on practical sessions. Most participants take part in a five-day introductory course that includes learning about technology, safety, attitude and health. Around 4,500 drivers also attend refresher courses at regional sites.

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