A white illustration of a serpntine road set over a green Volvo Group truck on the road

What we do on the road

Our products help ensure that you have food on the table, transport to the airport and newly constructed roads to drive on.

Fifteen per cent of all food in Europe is delivered by a truck from Volvo Group. Our trucks also transport furniture, clothing, sanitary products and computers. These are all products you need in your daily life.

Our buses transport you quickly to the nearest airport. You can take an intercity bus to visit relatives or go on holiday in one of our touring coaches. Our construction machinery is used in infrastructure expansion projects, for example for construction of roads, railways and bridges.

In order to ensure that the vehicles stay on the road and continue to operate safely, we help our customers with excellent, quick service and first-class technical solutions.

On the road
A white illustration of a city set over a delivery man pushing a rack of clothes right next to a Volvo truck

What we do in the city

Our products are part of your daily life. They take you to work, collect your rubbish and keep lights shining. Volvo Group is developing tomorrow’s public transport solutions so that you can get to work or to school quickly and easily.
Our construction equipment is used to build housing, industrial and sports facilities, and the Group’s vehicles help keep public areas clean by transporting millions of tonnes of refuse from cities around the world every week. Reliable electrical generators ensure that the power is running when you visit a hospital. Volvo Group is one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial engines.

We contribute to our customers’ profitability by offering assistance with financing as well as favourable service agreements.

In the city
A white illustration representing off-road set over a Volvo Group construction vehicle inside an excavation site

What we do off road

We contribute to the extraction of some of the world’s most important raw materials. Volvo Group’s vehicles can be found at the bottom of mines and in the middle of forests.

Our industrial equipment and trucks are used daily to mine iron ore, clear forests, transport lumber or haul many tonnes of stone and rock. Our industrial engines power vital irrigation installations at agricultural sites all over the world, so that farmers can grow their crops.

We help our customers with financing and see to it that no machines remain at a standstill – no matter where in the world they operate.

Off road
A white illustrion of four horizontal waves set over two motorboats doing a left turn out at a dark blue sea

What we do at sea

We are with you out at sea, whether you are on holiday in your pleasure boat or need urgent help from the marine rescue services.

Sea conditions may be the roughest imaginable when the coast guard or marine rescue services are out on duty. The sea can also be calm and pleasant when you are travelling on a ferry or fishing from your private leisure boat. Volvo Group has marine engines for all situations and for all types of customers.

At sea
Four Volvo Group flags flickering in the wind with a Volvo building in the background

Our Brands

The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines.

Our brand portfolio consists of Volvo, Volvo Penta, UD Trucks, Terex Trucks, Renault Trucks, Prevost, Nova bus, Mack and Arquus. We partner in alliances and joint ventures with the SDLG, Eicher and Dongfeng brands.

Our Brands

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