On the road

On the road

Our products help ensure that you have food on the table, transport to the airport and newly constructed roads to drive on. Fifteen per cent of all food in Europe is delivered by a truck from Volvo Group. Our trucks also transport furniture, clothing, sanitary products and computers. These are all products you need in your daily life.

Our buses transport you quickly to the nearest airport. You can take an intercity bus to visit relatives or go on holiday in one of our touring coaches. Our construction machinery is used in infrastructure expansion projects, for example for construction of roads, railways and bridges.

In order to ensure that the vehicles stay on the road and continue to operate safely, we help our customers with excellent, quick service and first-class technical solutions.

Volvo Group worker pulling a switch

Trucks on the road

We have trucks for all types of freight transportation. Our heavy-duty trucks haul goods over long distances, internationally and intercontinentally. Our medium-duty trucks handle deliveries in your local area and our light trucks for urban distribution deliver goods directly to your local store.

The Group has six truck brands: Volvo, UD, Renault Trucks, Mack, Eicher and Dongfeng Trucks. With these models, Volvo Group reaches customers all over the world.

Trucks on the road

The front of a black Volvo Group bus

Buses on the road

If all our buses around the world were to be used simultaneously, they would be capable of transporting approximately ten million people. We have several types of long-distance coach and intercity coach designed for various driving conditions, for example for roads in India, crossing the American continent or driving to and from airports in Europe.

Our four bus and coach brands are Volvo, UD Bus, Prevost and Nova Bus.

Buses on the road

A driver operating a Volvo Group truck at a construction site

Road Machinery

Over half a million construction machines produced by us during the past ten years are used at construction sites around the world. Our brands, Volvo and SDLG provide a wide range of equipment suitable for the construction of roads and bridges. Pavers, compactors, excavators and wheel loaders are a few examples.

Road Machinery

News around the world

DHL Freight and Volvo Trucks join forces to speed up transition to fossil free road transport on longer distances

DHL Freight, one of the leading road freight providers in Europe, and Volvo Trucks have partnered to speed up the introduction of heavy duty electric trucks to be used for regional transport in Europe. The combined effort marks another important step ...

The logistics company Girteka purchases 2,000 Volvo trucks

Girteka Logistics, one of Europe’s leading logistics companies, has decided to invest in no less than 2,000 of the latest generation Volvo FH trucks. Improved safety, increased driver comfort and reduced fuel consumption are among the expected ...

Nova Bus receives approval from the Chicago Transit Authority for the purchase of up to 600 buses

Nova Bus, a subsidiary of Volvo Buses and the leading North American transit bus manufacturer, have confirmed that the Chicago Transit Board approved the purchase of up to 600 new, 40-foot buses from Nova Bus. These buses will help the Chicago ...


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Every day and across the globe, our products services make modern life possible. With major technological paradigm shifts ahead, that will completely change the way we live, there have never been more exciting times working in the transport industry.

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Corporate Social Responsibility


The choices we make today define the world we live in tomorrow. Climate change, population growth and increasing urbanization are shifting the landscape and expectations on transport and infrastructure. In all we do, we need to consider how to reduce climate impact, use the world’s resources and conduct business responsibly. Our sustainability approach is divided into three areas: Climate, Resources and People.

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