Finance & Control

Finance & Control

The Finance & Control job area includes activities that contribute to furthering the Volvo Group strategy, and plays a strong role in driving and supporting financial business performance, risk management and value creation. Finance & Control continuously improves quality, efficiency and effectiveness related to financial processes and is responsible for securing financial and tax compliance. Finance & Control also works to secure efficient management of our interest-bearing assets and liabilities through efficient funding of our operations and liquidity management. Finance & Control interacts with the whole Volvo Group and is embedded in each level of the organisational hierarchy.


Meet Jerrie Carter

Jerrie Carter works as an Inside Sales Specialist at Volvo Financial Services in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA....

Meet Samuel Sun

When Volvo gets paid on time, Samuel Sun feels that he has done a good job. “I am happy when I can help dealers to improve their cash flow, he says....

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