Strategy & Brand

Strategy & Brand

The Strategy and Brand job area includes: Setting the long-term direction of the Volvo Group by creating an engaging vision and sought-after positions, effective management of the brand portfolio and long-term planning. Identifying strategic objectives and following up on them. Creating and implementing new ideas and pursuing business opportunities. Analysing external factors and drawing conclusions to ensure well-founded, fact-based business decisions.


Meet Kamila Czaja

When Kamila Czaja started working at Volvo Construction Equipment’s facility in Poland, she did so for a variety of reasons. “Volvo was a well-known employer in Poland, a company with a good reputation. What’s more, I appreciated the values of ...

Meet Bengt Köhlin

The title on Bengt Köhlin’s business card is Vice President Brand Management. Development of the Volvo Group’s brand portfolio is part of his job description. He frequently does this with all the other people in the Group who have the word “brand” ...

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Jobs in Strategy & Brand

Imagine yourself working with some of the sharpest and most creative brains in the transport and infrastructure industry, developing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable transport solutions that will change the future of society.

News around the world

Addressing substances of concern

The Volvo Group aims to phase out the dependency on materials and substances of concern.
Eva Bennis is Director of Responsible Purchasing at Volvo Group Purchasing, and is one of the drivers behind more sustainable products and services from ...

Developing fossil-free technology for long-haul transport

Hydrogen fuel cells is an emerging technology that could eliminate emissions from heavy long-haul transport. Lena Jansson and her colleagues at Volvo Group are amongst those leading the way.


Using data to optimize batteries for electric trucks

The unique insights that can be found in data have an important role to play in Volvo Group’s transition to electromobility. “Data has huge potential for helping us to understand electric vehicles better,” says Rikard Vinge, Data Scientist at the ...