Creating the future industry

John Heckman is an engineer managing a global manufacturing technology organization. As the technology is constantly changing it means to constantly being innovative in creating the modern plants to support new products and services.
Creating the future industry

John Heckman is a Manufacturing Technology Manager and located at the Volvo Group Lehigh Valley Operation plant, Pennsylvania USA. He is manager over a new global organization, coordinating and sharing best practice to develop the future industry.

“It is an interesting challenge, I particularly enjoy the fact that I get to ‘stretch my legs’ into looking for and studying new technologies as well as developing new,” says John.

The challenge of both developing new processes for current projects and at the same time finding future methods for assembly and testing are the key for John’s passion for manufacturing technology.

“I believe that it allows me more freedom in my work and that I am helping to secure the company’s future,” he says.

Within Volvo Group ‘Continuous Improvement’ is a corner stone, everyone is encourage to see new ways of working in their everyday work. Something John thinks is a success factor going forward.

“The bottom-up structure is the correct method – the product is built every day. The operators and management of our plants know our success and failures in design, manufacturing and process better than anyone. Every small idea can make a big difference.”

And since the technology and products are changing constantly John thinks it is important to share best practice.

“Together we are smarter. We have a depth of knowledge and expertise as we are one of the largest industry organizations,” says John.
 “I have always wanted to be on winning teams, and I believe I am with the Volvo Group.”