Winner of mission 4 shares tip to reduce everyday plastic

How to reduce every day plastic? Here is the best tip of Rashmi Nandish, who won Volvo Group’s photo contest entered by over 2000 participants! Rashmi lives in the Silicon Valley of India: Bangalore and tells why she cares for the environment.

Winner of mission 4 – My best tip to reduce everyday plastic

The story behind the winning picture
“Picturing that scene has been a family project! My mum keeps advising me to bring my own bag whenever I go shopping; this is how I came up with this idea. My cousin was the one who helped me to create the scene. I really like this picture because it carries a strong message”, says Rashmi Nandish, the winner of Volvo Group photo contest, mission 4 focusing on best tips to reduce every day plastic.

Rashmi Nandish

Rashmi Nandish

Care for the environment
Taking part into this mission meant a lot to me, especially because it comes to fight against plastic pollution. Today plastic is a really affordable material, it is everywhere in our lives, and only 10% of it recycled. Its decomposition is extremely long; it can take up to 500 years for a plastic bottle to decompose. The consequence is that plastic ends up where it shouldn’t: oceans, water and then in our food.

Let’s take the pledge
I believe that plastic pollution is one of the main issues of our generation and has a major impact on human health. I would always try to find alternatives to single use plastic. Here are my best tips to reduce every day plastic:

  • I bring a reusable bag
  • I use terracotta or ceramic pots for gardening
  • I carry my coffee mug, reusable bottle and lunch bag.

Let’s all take the pledge and go one step further to turn the tide on plastic!

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