It has helped open my mind

In his seven years working at Renault Trucks in Lyon, Guillaume Ribeiro has regularly worked with colleagues across the globe.
Guillaume Ribeiro

However, this year, he went a step further and took on a shortterm assignment in Hagerstown, US. “I’ve met lots of different people and it has helped open my mind,” says Guillaume Ribeiro. “It has been a very enriching experience – not just for me but for my whole family.” For Guillaume’s wife, daughter (aged 10) and son (6), it is essentially an extended holiday and a chance to experience another culture.

When you join a company as big as the Volvo Group, you can expect a lot of opportunities.

However for Guillaume, it is broadening his professional outlook too and making the transition to another site in a different country has been eye-opening. “We work on the same kinds of project with the same goals, but the work split is different,” he says. “Here, the team manager is much more involved in the projects and that has been very interesting to see.”

Once the assignment is completed, Guillaume hopes to move into management and he has already begun the Exploration for Emerging Leaders training programme. “When you join a company as big as the Volvo Group, you can expect a lot of opportunities. There are so many different positions and the Volvo Group is constantly evolving.

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Growing in the Volvo Group

As a global company, the Volvo Group offers numerous opportunities for an international career.
This is one example of an employee who have packed up and taken on new roles in new countries, 
while staying within the Volvo Group.


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