Sweden-India Mobility Hack – Changing the Way We Move

The future of mobility could change society. Do you want to be part of that change? The Swedish Institute, in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden New Delhi, the Volvo Group, IKEA, Ericsson One and other organisations, is hosting a 42-hour digital hackathon called the Sweden-India Mobility Hack on the topic of “Changing the Way We Move” and you are invited to join in.

Sweden-India Mobility Hack

Emissions, road accidents and traffic congestion are problems shared by large cities all over the world. By collecting creative ideas and developing new concepts, we can find solutions that will help to improve the current situation.

The hackathon takes place from 26 to 28 February and the mission is to design, test and execute ideas for the future, with a focus on mobility. Students, entrepreneurs and other creative people are invited to take part so that they can help solve the challenges and support and drive the ongoing developments.

The Volvo Group is hosting one of the five categories, which is “Safe and Sustainable Transport”. Emily Xu and Sivakumar Uppaluri from the Volvo Group set the scene.

Emily Xu

“Road transport is essential for our way of living,” said Emily Xu, “and it is also key to the development of a sustainable future. Most of us rely on transport not only for shipping products, but also for our food supplies and most of our daily necessities. With safe and sustainable transport, we can tackle the key challenges faced by society, such as congestion, noise and traffic safety.I believe that now is the time to change the way we move.”


“We are looking for people who want to join us at this mobility hack to find and develop great ideas and solutions,” said Sivakumar. “During the hack we will have help from specialists in areas relating to this challenge, but we need your sharp mind and your commitment, so please join us!”

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