“I was surprised and super excited by the opportunities I got”

Studying for a technical bachelor’s degree within finance, Linn Nilsson’s summer job at Volvo Group gave her a life-changing insight: “It made me realize that I want a future in the technical field.”

Linn Nilsson, summer worker at Volvo Group.

What did you do at your summer job?

I have been working with product maintenance at Volvo Construction Equipment. I worked with engines: both small engines of 4-8 liters, and large ones – up to 16 liters. We performed analysis and made sure our engines held the right level of quality.

I was responsible for entering budgets into our financial systems, a task that included contacting project managers to make sure everything was correct. Of course, documentation, information updates, statistical analysis of cases and keeping in contact with colleagues around the world were important parts of the job as well.

Why did you apply for a summer job at Volvo Group?

My whole life, Volvo has been present. I grew up in Eskilstuna, a city where Volvo Group is the largest private employer. But maybe more importantly, both my father and my grandfather worked there. They both had models of wheel loaders at home, and they brought me to family days already as a kid. Ever since then I wanted to try working with development in the industry.

What are your most important experiences from the summer?

First of all, I’m very happy with how my job was planned. Since I worked with two different kinds of products, I had two supervisors. Whenever I ran into any kind of problem or a difficult task, they both helped me and wanted me to learn for the future. I have tried to gather as much experience as I could, and I am grateful for how they guided and advised me during the summer.

Second, I was surprised by the kind of opportunities I got as a summer worker. Surprised, and super excited! My summer work at Volvo Group has made me realize that I want a future in the technical field. There are so many different kinds of competences under the same roof – and it’s an amazing environment to be a part of.

Do you have any advice for anyone seeking a summer job at Volvo Group?

When you fill out the application form, keep in mind that there is no right and wrong. Be yourself and let the recruiters find a match for you.

Name: Linn Nilsson

Title: Summer worker

Location: Eskilstuna, Sweden

Education: Studies for a technical bachelor’s degree within finance at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

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