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Volvo Energy is Volvo Group’s newest business area, dedicated to accelerating the Group’s electrification and sustainability journey.

The Volvo Group has existed for almost one hundred years. Volvo Energy is the enabler for one hundred more. At least. How come? Because since the start, we have sustainability in our DNA.

We are committed to driving and propel a fundamental breakthrough of electrification, from development of charging and infrastructure solutions to the refurbishing, re-using and recycling state-of-the-art batteries that power our Volvo Group products.

We aim to connect the beginning with the end, going from a linear business model to a circular one. We are committed to taking the responsibility for and nurturing what the two Volvo Group founders, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, created: an unbelievable history of innovation with a strong genuine humanistic and prosperous approach. The story continues here. Let’s continue to prosper for 100 years more. 

What we do

It starts with reducing emissions

Volvo Group has fantastic electrified product ranges in the portfolio: Volvo Trucks’ massive and complete electromobility range; from the lightest Volvo FL to the heaviest Volvo FH. Renault Trucks’ successful 360° electric offerings with its second generation of all-electric trucks ranging from 3.1t to 26t. A demonstration model of the Mack LR Electric refuse truck is already keeping the streets of New York City clean – soon to be part of the Volvo Group electric family. Volvo Buses has been playing a pioneering role in the Volvo family since the launch of the first hybrid buses back in 2008. Today, Volvo Buses deliver complete electrified system and charging infrastructure solutions. Perfect for all applications: with low noise, zero exhaust emissions and reduced maintenance, Volvo Construction Equipment has now an electric range of Volvo-branded electric compact wheel loaders and fully electric compact excavators.

The more electrified vehicles, the lower CO2 emissions, the better for our society, the better for our children and grandchildren. And the better for the Group. We aim to reduce the emissions of our trucks and buses by 40% per vehicle kilometer by 2030.  This is one of the most challenging targets in the industry. And we are determined to achieve it. 

In Volvo Group we are not only pushing ahead with our work on electric vehicles at a rapid pace, by creating Volvo Energy we are also reinforcing and optimizing the Group’s capabilities and offerings when it comes to energy services, including enabling the development of charging infrastructure , providing battery monitoring and optimizationdesigning for circularity, securing battery second life  and creating a sustainable process for end-of-life batteries

Charging and infrastructure solutions

To succeed in making a fundamental break-through within electrification, we need to develop charging and infrastructure solutions at home-depot, en route and at the destination. Volvo Energy will be leveraging infrastructure solutions for both battery electric vehicles (BEV) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV).

You have probably heard about the ‘chicken and the egg dilemma’: it does not matter how many great fossil-free solutions we offer, if there is no charging infrastructure in place along the route. We in Volvo Energy aim to close this circle. One example is our future JV plans for a European high-performance charging infrastructure.

What about the energy in the chargers along the route? Obviously, we will always strive for green energy.

In our team it is Kristina Nilsson  who is proudly driving the area of charging and infrastructure solutions.

Battery optimization and monitoring - an enabler for both first and second life

Monitoring the battery while it is still onboard the customers’ vehicle – during its first life - ensures that it operates efficiently and gives us a complete picture of its health. Using a new digital architecture and smart digital solutions, we can leverage the battery data – this is the new oil.

The battery data is invaluable when it comes to deciding the most optimal second-life usage. By continuously learning about the characteristics of the ageing battery, we can build a knowledge bank for optimizing battery use, not only during the battery’s first and second life, but also over its entire life cycle.

In our team it is Daniel Troedsson and Satish Rajkumar who are proudly driving the area of battery optimization and monitoring.

    Design for circularity

    To minimize the environmental impact of our electrified products, we prepare the battery for its first and second life during the early stages when, together with our engineers and purchasing specialists, we specify and design the batteries that will power our products.

    When the battery has reached the end of its first life in a truck or a bus, we will re-furbish or re-manufacture it, exchanging partly some cells or modules - or all of them - and re-using the pack case and all the electronics. The re-furbished or re-manufactured battery is ready to be placed back on a truck or a bus to extend its life as a spare part.

    The used cells or modules - or in some cases the full pack - are now ready for their second life.

    Battery second life – a full life-cycle perspective

    There are a number of second life options for batteries, including use as energy storage systems (ESS), which are beneficial to society as a whole. The Volvo Group is working both in partnership - to gain momentum and speed - and inhouse development of ESS. One partnership example is the unique BatteryLoop cooperation, where Volvo Buses’ batteries are used for energy storage and as an energy source in a Gothenburg residential complex. Stay tuned for more circular economy projects that will open up new commercial opportunities!

    In our team it is Elisabeth Larsson who is proudly driving the area of battery second-life solutions.

    Battery end of life

    When the batteries have reached the end of their second lives, our aim is to make the most resource-efficient use of the battery materials and the energy the battery produces.

    It is time for the battery to be carefully recycled. We are working with our partners to develop sustainable recycling solutions for end-of-life batteries. Raw materials, such as lithium, cobalt and nickel, which retain their properties and are still of high quality, will of course be returned to the system for re-use. Once again, we are closing the circle.

    In our team it is Nicolas Gendre who is proudly driving the area of design for second life and end-life batteries.

Partnership is the new leadership

Becoming 100% fossil free is not an easy undertaking. We will not be able to decarbonize transport on our own. Partnership is the new leadership and an enabler for the huge transition toward fossil-free transport.

We will continue to think big and create and develop suitable partnerships  - connect with us

Sustainability in our DNA

One thing we know for sure about the future is that the demand for transport will increase. At the Volvo Group, we will continue to offer sustainable transport and charging infrastructure solutions in line with our commitment in the  SBTi .

Volvo Energy’s role in this is to drive the Volvo Group’s ambitious sustainability journey, including designing and sourcing electric batteries and the charging stations along the route until the battery is ready to be carefully recycled. We will do this in a responsible way from a full life cycle perspective together with all our  supply chain partners 

At Volvo Energy we want to be able say that we did everything we could to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Read about the Volvo Group’s initiatives in the  Annual & Sustainability Report   and our holistic approach to climate, resources and people in our   Sustainability Strategy  which describes Volvo Energy’s guiding principles.

Still not convinced about electric mobility? Check out our amazing electric range and make your own contribution to society!

We will support and propel Volvo Group’s sustainability journey - moving from a linear business model to a circular one.

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