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Hagerstown Site COVID-19 Awareness

Updated 12-14-2020

If You Have a COVID-19 Case

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What You Need to Know

As of December 4, 2020

As of December 9, 2020

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Try to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Read more ways to protect yourself

If you have a fever with flu-like symptoms, please stay home to avoid infecting others.

Hosting visitors on our campus must be business critical until further notice.

Text "VolvoHag" to 313131.

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Sign up for our text alert system to receive immediate information as situations develop.

The health and safety of employees is a strong priority, and the ongoing outbreak is being carefully monitored by the Volvo Group’s Crisis Management team. Our site leadership is consistently assessing the latest information.

This page is specifically for Hagerstown site related information, and will be updated regularly.


Site Update Log

3-11-2020: Site created
3-13-2020: Q&A sections added; updated cafeteria and fitness center alerts
3-16-2020: Definitions for "confirmed" vs "suspected cases; brand shop alert
3-17-2020: Updated cafeteria alert; NBU link adjusted, health advocacy referral added, Q&A responses modified
3-18-2020: Removed "Definitions" section; added link to view the latest Volvo Group Guideline for Managing COVID-19 Cases; hosting only business critical visitors extended until end of May; added to Q&A
3-19-2020: Added "What You Need to Know" section; updated Q&A
3-30-2020: Added "How to be Safe & Resilient" link
4-02-2020: Added link to view history of 'What You Need to Know"posts
4-20-2020: Reconfigured page, added 4 link blocks ("Ready for Work," "From the Experts," "Health & Wellbeing," "FAQ")
4-21-2020: Updated 4 link blocks
4-27-2020: Added link to COVID-19 Employee Handbook to main hero block
6-29-2020: Added "Next Steps" page to house Hagerstown's Situation Matrix and BU/NBU Next Steps Packets; updated Employee Handbook
7-24-2020: Updated Employee Handbook to reflect new face mask directive
8-20-2020: Updated Employee Handbook with new temperature check times / open turnstiles
11-3-2020: Employee Handbook updated to reflect current conditions and ways of working
11-5-2020: Situation Matrix and Next Steps Packets updated
11-12-2020: Employee Handbook updated to clarify ABM tasks
11-17-2020: Situation Matrix and Next Steps Packets updated
11-30-2020: Situation Matrix and Next Steps Packets updated
12-9-2020: Updated Employee Handbook page 11 
12-14-2020: Situation Matrix #5 and Next Steps Packets updated