Principles of CampX

CampX is about an increased focus on innovation and collaboration - co-location of employees working with new technologies to foster cross-functional collaboration. CampX objectives globally and for India are the same – to accelerate innovation with speed and simplicity.

CampX is open for collaboration with partners and stakeholders that include customers, suppliers, academia, subject matter experts, and others to co-create tomorrow's transport solutions. Ultimately, this new way of working aims to accelerate innovation and implement new sustainable transportation solutions for our customers, industry, and society. 

CampX site in Bengaluru is part of the Volvo Group CampX global mandate and includes both global and local scope. The focus areas are automation, connectivity/connected services, and electromobility. The partners we choose and work with on CampX site in Bengaluru are from India. We support  Volvo Group in India with a focus on mining and related opportunities while innovating new services for the Volvo Group globally.

CampX has broadly three phases – Explore, Validate and Implement. 

In the Explore phase, we look at various opportunities aligned with our plans. In the Validate phase, we examine proof points to enter the third phase of Implementation, that is 'go-to-market'. At CampX in Bengaluru, we have already started working on projects as part of the ongoing CampX global projects besides engaging with partners in India. 

CampX in Bengaluru is part of Volvo Group's global CampX footprint, and we aim to commercialize something each year. 

Remember CampX aims to accelerate innovation with speed and simplicity.