This site will be updated with relevant information related to COVID-19 sitaution and how it is affecting our plant.

Last Update: 4/2/20

Middletown COVID-19 Updates

BU Employee Benefits


Employees who are on layoff are eligible for continued benefits, per the UAW contract, based on the table below.  If you have additioal questions about this please email MiddletownHR@volvo.com



Year(s) of Seniority

on Last Day Worked

Prior to Layoff

Maximum Number of Months for Which

Coverage Will Be Provided Without

Cost to Employees

Less than  1


1 but less  than 4


4 but less than 5


5 but less than 6


6 and Over


BU Employee Profit Sharing

As of 4/2/20

Please see the attached letter regarding bargaining unit profit sharing and 401K elections related to it.  Because most BU employees are not in the plant working, we have set up a link that you can use to select how much of your profit sharing you want to have put in your 401K.  Read the letter below and then if you wish to make a 401K election, click the link below to do so.

401K Election Form for Profit Sharing