Volvo Experience and Identity Guideline

Interior principles

Our Scandinavian origins combined with our brand history give Volvo it's values, culture and uniqueness. When creating an interior design for Volvo, our philosophy is quite simple.

A creative and welcoming feeling

We want to host welcoming and creative environments where customers, suppliers, colleagues, and other stakeholders fully can experience the Volvo culture and identity. Our Scandinavian origin combined with our brand history give Volvo its values, culture and uniqueness.

Scandinavian design

Our interior philosophy stems from our Scandinavian heritage and the very same overarching design principles of credibility, humanism and functionality that guide our product and service designs.

  • Functionality
  • Simplicity
  • Sustainability
  • Clean lines
  • Natural materials, e.g. wood and stone
  • Natural light
  • Neutral, muted colors
  • Greenery
  • Softening textiles

Interior color and material mood board

We focus on neutral, muted colors and natural materials that offer a long life-cycle. Combine material sets from the chart to create an appealing, dynamic vibe. Mix a few. Avoid using all the shades in one single space as it will leave a cluttered, uncalm impression. 

Please note that the Volvo color palette is developed for digital and print and shall not be applied to interior projects.

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