Volvo Experience and Identity Guideline

Core and explore

our approach to brand Management


The brand is the experience – as perceived by the customer. To build a strong brand, trustworthy and attractive in today’s marketplace, the two perspectives of core and explore must play together.

Definition of Core and Explore

Core is the foundational areas and elements that profoundly distinguishes the brand, e.g., purpose, heritage, values, aspirations and identity. Strong brands never compromise the core in brand activation. 

When the brand is activated towards customers and stakeholders e.g., through offers, aftermarket support, sales and marketing, strong brands dare explore execution to be relevant in a specific context and culture – while always staying true to the core.


Social media: Core is nurtured (logo, tone of voice, colors, image tonality) while the message and images are selected to appeal to targeted customers in a certain segment or a specific market.

Events & exhibitions: Core is nurtured (logo, typography, tone of voice, colors) while the site design and related activities are explores/defined to be relevant in the context.

Marketing campaigns: Core is nurtured (logo, typography, tone of voice, colors, image tonality) while the concept is created to appeal to specific customers in a certain segment.

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