Volvo Experience and Identity Guideline

Events and sponsorships

Events are a great opportunity to activate the Volvo brand and brand collaborations are alliances created in order to establish a higher perceived customer value from a functional, emotional and/or visual perspective.

Activate the Volvo brand through events

Events are a perfect example of the explore perspective in our brand management approach (see Core and explore). At an event, all core principles and elements must be adhered to. But, how these are activated at a specific event – digital or analogue – is decided by the event responsible, close to customer or stakeholder. That way, we secure that the Volvo brand is distinct through core and attractive/relevant to the event participant in a specific context and culture. Meaning, there are no global, centrally produced guidelines for how to set up a Volvo event. Instead, follow the guidelines for the Volvo core elements as presented in the Volvo Brand Experience Identity Guideline and use your expertise about your current and future customers to tailor the event based on their needs and expectations. 

Volvo co-branding principles

Brand collaborations are alliances created in order to establish a higher perceived customer value a functional, emotional and /or visual perspective.

The Collaboration shall benefit both parties who have shared gains, risks and investments in the collaboration.

Clear zone 

The minimum clear zone shall be equal to 3X the height of the Volvo Spread Word Mark and 4X the height of the Volvo Penta Spread Word Mark. If possible, a double clear zone is preferred when placing the Volvo logotypes next to other logotypes.

Approved applications to establish the sponsorship

  • Use activation, staff or product presence to show presence.
  • Use the logotype in combination with an image of a product or service.
  • Use a descriptive text presenting Volvo and the business entity or offering.
  • Use a speaker.
  • Use the text “Sponsored by Volvo Business Entity” in Volvo Novum instead of a logotype.
  • Use the text “Sponsored by Volvo Business Entity” in Volvo Novum clearly separated from the logotype.


For large and narrow and special applications the following exceptions to the clear zone rules apply for sponsorship and collaborations:

Clear space 2X above and below the logotype + 2–3X to the sides for large advertising boards and special formats, width 5+ meters. Visual balance and other elements to consider determine if 2 or 3X clear zone to the sides work better. For Volvo Penta 3X +3–4X apply. Use white or black background with contrasting logotype. 

Clear space 0,5X top and bottom + 4–6X left and right for wide narrow LED animated arena banners. For Volvo Penta 1X +6–8X apply. White logotype on black background is recommended for better visibility.

Additional guidance

When Volvo Group or other Volvo entities is in sponsorship, or in partnership of the same event as Volvo Cars (or another Volvo entity) the Volvo Spread Word Mark is used – one for both parties. Clarification regarding the specific entity involved is kept to the activation of the sponsor-/partnership and/or separate texts elsewhere on a website for example.

Exception: if there is no opportunity to communicate besides the logotype on e.g., a website the Volvo Spread Word Mark with a corporate identifier/business descriptor can be allowed in rare cases. No exceptions are allowed unless approved by the Brand management department at Volvo Group HQ (BEX).

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