Volvo Experience and Identity Guideline


Our icons have a uniform design to create a consistent impression throughout all our touchpoints, from product dashboards to digital service interfaces to marketing materials and the annual general report. 

Volvo icons

The Volvo icons are effective visual tools for highlighting key information – in applications to make interaction easier, and in marketing materials to promote the same interaction. The idea is to guide the user, or customer, and make their experience smooth and pleasant.

The common design style for Volvo icons creates recognition in all of our touchpoints. It is therefore necessary to consistently follow the basic principles described here. Always strive for simplicity and user-friendliness.

For new icons, contact Volvo Group Design.

Basic principles for Volvo icons

Always strive for simplicity and let the explanatory text be the main bearer of the information, instead of trying to include all the information in the Volvo icon. The same icon can be used for different messages. The icons should never be used for decorative purposes.

Standard – line version

The standard line Volvo icons are based on 128x128 px and you can find them in both PNG and SVG format.

The icons are communication based icons, meaning that they should only be used in communication purposes and not for applications or other areas.

Icon colors

The Volvo icons can be set in our main colors. These are the only allowed colors for icons. 

Background colors

The Volvo icons can be placed on our main and accent colors. When placed
on accent colors the icons must only be black or white.

In combination with text

A complementary or descriptive text can be placed below a Volvo icon. The text should be set in Volvo Novum Light, Volvo Novum Regular or Volvo Novum Medium depending on application. The icons can be stand alone or placed on backgrounds in various shapes.

Do not

Here are examples of incorrect use of the Volvo icons.

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