Volvo Experience and Identity Guideline

Layout principles

There are four defined principles to help convey the values and aspirations of the Volvo brand in graphic layouts. The principles are there to guide you when updating, designing or creating new marketing assets, presentations, services or other interfaces. The layout principles support the Volvo Design Philosophy where functionality, clarity and ease-of-use is key. 

Be generous with space

An airy layout with generous space between the objects provides a serene impression, is aesthetically pleasing and helps the viewer take in and process the information at their own pace.

What to think about:

  • Space makes your message/content stand out. 
  • Divide the information on several areas or prioritize only the most important message. 
  • Don't try to say it all at once. 
  • Remember that the attention span of your viewer is normally only a few seconds. Help the viewer by providing a visual paus.
  • A clean, airy layout with less graphic elements and messages is easier to digest. 
  • A spacious layout can be achieved with color as well as with white space.

Keep it simple

Limit font types and sizes, as well as colors, images and icon sizes, to a few. This helps create a consistent design experience with an overall calm expression.​

What to think about:

  • Let one strong image tell the story rather than many small images.
  • Limit the number of colors you use to an absolute minimum.
  • Create a short impactful headline rather than a long title. 
  • Simplicity helps build a premium and sophisticated impression. It also projects confidence.

Create clear order

Help the viewer prioritize information with a clear ​order. Simply make the more important information more prominent, it conveys confidence and purpose.​

What to think about:

  • Make it clear what the main message is and ensure 
  • it's easy to take in.
  • Use a structured grid to align your layout and add space between different sections to guide the viewer and create a clear order in the layout. 
  • Prioritize by using scale and size – make the most 
  • important content the most prominent.

Pay attention to details

Make sure all objects are aligned and  structured in a harmonious and orderly way. It conveys quality. 

What to think about:

  • Ensure margins are balanced from left to right and top to bottom. 
  • Strive for balance in your layout by making sure it's not too heavy to one side. 
  • Make sure texts and images are aligned.
  • Don't rush the work – pay careful attention to details.  

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